Our Philosophy

We are a unique school, quite unlike any other children’s language and activity centre. Since 2008 we have been teaching children based on an holistic educational philosophy. Our motto is: “play, explore, create and learn!”

Leaping Toads is a unique language, world and self-cognition studio for children. Language, culture and traditions are taught through the emphasis of critical, reflective and creative thinking. The creative aspect of learning is an excellent method helping you to look at yourself, your real world and understand who you are and your ethnic and cultural identity. This creative principle develops communication and collaboration skills and helps solve problems, alongside moral and interpersonal issues. The school’s children are taught to see the world in more perspectives than they first thought, which is very important. Such learning and creation facilitates a meaningful realisation of yourself, and pleasantly rewards you with the discovery that you yourself are much more than you once knew.
Prof. Dr. Liutauras Degėsys
Head of the Department of Philosophy at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and expert in teacher training of the Pestalozzi Programme at the Council of Europe.

Holistic philosophy focuses on and encourages the development of a child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, spiritual, and humanitarian potentials.

At Leaping Toads, language and life skills are taught not as stand-alone disciplines, but as an all-encompassing part of everyday life through science, art, history, culture and ethics.

Our lessons comprise a range of practical, interesting and meaningful activities which are designed sensitively by our teachers, in line with holistic teaching philosophy. They help children: explore and develop new skills and interests; encourage curiosity; promote their confidence, creativity and personality development; and foster an awareness and appreciation for the world, environment, culture and society in which they live.

The positive outcomes of holistic education are gained throughout childhood and teenage years, however the greatest positive impact is achieved when commenced during the child’s early years.