Designer Jolanta Rimkutė draws fairy trees with our students

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  • Date: June 8, 2012

On 9th June 2011, the Lithuanian designer Jolanta Rimkutė visited Leaping Toads “Mano pirmieji mokslai”. Her cooperation with Leaping Toads began in Lithuania, as Jolanta and our school’s founder Mrs Simona Staputiene and Jolanta participate at the annual world Lithuanian artist’s workshop “Migratory Birds” (“Migruojantys paukščiai”).

At this workshop our principal discusses the topics of Lithuanian social education in foreign countries; the deployment of Lithuanian awareness; and the need for reforms for the younger generation.

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Foto: Adomas Jablonskis

During her visit to London Jolanta Rimkutė (Studija LT’s lead designer) spent a full day with two groups of five and eight-year-olds.

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The children discussed how they perceive their identity, what is important to them, what they like, what they most value about themselves and Lithuania. They created mythological “Trees of life” and fairy trees which were home to animals, their closest loved ones, flowers and fruit trees, and then discussed them to each other, in terms of colour and content (at our school, children are continually encouraged to visually represent their ideas, and also how to communicate to explain and defend them).

Jolanta Rimkutė also answered many questions about her creative work, regarding how ideas are conceived and become a reality. This not only familiarised students with themselves, but also inspired them to think in greater depth about their dreams and career activities.

Thank you, Jolanta.

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Report prepared by Simona Smirnova.

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