About Us

Welcome to Leaping Toads

Nursery for children aged 2 to 5, and After-school/Saturday activities for children aged 5 to 12.

We make learning fun, exciting and interactive. We provide a range of educational activities for children aged 2 to 12 from language lessons, dance, music and piano to art therapy,speech therapy, and much more!

Our motto “play, explore, create and learn!” encapsulates our holistic teaching philosophy. Our lessons enhance life experience and children are encouraged to apply their own experiences and knowledge of the world to organically develop their social, emotional, physical, artistic, creative, and language skills.

Our children regularly create educational video projects and live plays. They also create a weekly radio programme, “The Curious Frogs”, which is broadcast in Lithuania and online for children around the world.

Our short comedy, “Laughter”, created by six year-olds as part of an interactive, sensorial learning experience.

We actively perform at events and festivals throughout the year and participate on national television and are frequently in the media. Our work was recently also acknowledged by the President of Lithuania.

At our centre we also learn about and celebrate international and traditional holidays/special days in the year calendar. From as young as the age of four, children are taught how be welcoming and friendly hosts, which they put into practice at our family events.

We are open to everyone interested in developing their language and life skills. As you can see, our language services are mainly oriented towards the Lithuanian and Russian population but we do also teach ESOL English.

Our below team creates a dynamic, interesting and lively learning environment for all children at Leaping Toads:

Our Team