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Our Radio Broadcasts

Pay attention, 1,2,3!
Little, curious frogs are we!
Tune in and listen to the radio –
And every answer you will know!

Our children’s weekly radio broadcast is aired to children around the globe! The programme called “The Curious Frogs” is fun, educational, unique and designed for all children, regardless of age and location. Our eight year-old students are the main radio speakers and protagonists.

Our latest radio broadcast premieres every Sunday:

6.05 am and 6.05 pm UK time   /   08.05 am and 08.05 pm Lithuanian time

The programme is repeated during the week on:

UK time (GMT) Lithuanian time (GMT +2)
Sunday evenings 6.05 pm 20.05  hours
Wednesday afternoons 2.05 pm 16.05 hours
Wednesday nights 1.05 am 03.05 hours
Saturday mornings 8.05am 10.05 hours

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Our Video Broadcasts


We are the pioneers of hands-on video projects for children, structured as a fun, engaging, fully comprehensive and advanced learning method.

Our students contribute to the entire process of the creation of a video project:
Each child initially creates a storyline/scenario and tells it either verbally or in writing to the teacher. Each child then presents it to their classmates. Together, the children vote for the most intriguing scenario and the selected scenario is then further developed and improved collectively by the class. Roles and characters are created, scenography and costumes are made and acting is practiced. The film is then made!
Afterwards, the created film is watched, discussed and children reflect on their collective and individual performances. They also receive evaluations, compliments and encouraging feedback from family and friends who are able to watch the project online.

Our first video project involved the entire school, including teachers, parents, carers and grandparents also. It is entitled, “The Battle of Grunwald, 600 Years – for Children” and was made in 2010 to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle.

This video project has now been made available as an educational resource in CD format together with an accompanying glossary and printable language exercises for children about the Battle of Grunwald, prepared by Leaping Toads’ teachers.

LTTV #9: Leaping Toads announces its taster week from 11th -16th June!

Russian folk tale, ‘Teremok’ (little hideaway), set in the woodlands

Gardener and “Positive Garden” founder Larry (Laurynas Poskus) tells us about his life and love of nature – “The Curious Frogs”, programme no. 41 (2015)

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  • Date: July 14, 2015