to Leaping Toads language and life skills for children! We make learning fun, exciting and interactive. We provide a range of educational activities for children aged between two to sixteen from language lessons, dance, music and piano to art therapy, fashion design, speech therapy, martial arts, yoga and much more!
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Hello from Leaping Toads TV! Tune in every Monday at 8am for news, facts and interviews. In today’s episode Leaping Toads announces its taster week from 11th -16th June! Tune in every Monday at 8am for news, facts and interviews. #LTTV.
(ENG with ENG subtitles).

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New Lithuanian language 2 y.o. group taster lesson on 2nd of May 2018

Easter break closure

We are closed for Easter break from Friday 30th of March to Monday 2nd of April!

Lessons will recommence on Tuesday the 3rd of April.

Have a good rest, enjoy decorating eggs, have a successful and joyful egg hunt and don’t forget to take part in Leaping Toads Egg dyeing competition!

School year dates

Current year ends   20th July 2018

Next year starts:  3rd September 2018 – 24th July 2019.

We run classes every day, all year round except on Sundays, Bank holidays and the below holiday weeks:

  • Christmas break: 21st December 2018 – 2nd January 2019, inclusive
  • Easter break: 19th – 22nd April 2019, inclusive

Our premises!

We are situated in a spacious premises: Leaping Toads Centre, 1-4 Rectory Road, Dagenham, RM10 9SA, East London .
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Upcoming events


Visus mažus ir didelius lietuvaičius š.m. gruodžio 2 dieną, sekmadienį 11.00 – 15.00 val. kviečiame į labai LINKSMAS LIETUVIŠKAS KALĖDAS mūsų mokykloje!  Read more…


Волшебное зимнее приключение

Вас спешим мы пригласить,
нашу ёлку посетить!
и родители и дети,
Не пожалеете поверьте!
1 декабря
с 14 до 18
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Happy Lithuanian Father’s Day!

Sveikinam Tėvelius su Tėčio diena ir laukiame Jūsų šeštadienį, birželio 9 dieną 13.00 valandą mokykloje: šoksime ir dainuosime su Londono lietuvių folkloro ansambliu “Saduto”! Tėvelių laukia siurprizai! Iki smagaus susitikimo!

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