Archaeologist and explorer, Sandra Bogdanova visits Leaping Toads

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  • Date: September 14, 2012

On September 24th 2012 Sandra Bogdanova visited our school.
She reached the Arctic this spring and is an archaeologist and active explorer whose life is filled with traditional crafts, cinema, theatre, new circus, ecology, botany, music and a passion for innate identity.


Sandra invited us all to travel with her to the archaeological sites in Lithuania. We said hello to the elk who lives near the Baltic Sea and later got on board a boat.

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We travelled along the Norwegian coast, crossed the Arctic Circle threshold and visited Vikings living on Lofoten island, in the north of the country located Sami, and finally went to Spitsbergen in the Arctic.

Starting from the juggling circus troupe in Belgium

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Sandra introduced us to the festive fun and everyday activities of the Scandinavian locals with their …

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…clothing and armour …

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…local delicacies…

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…and ancient lighthouse.

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We listened to a resident of Northern Greenland who sang in his native language and played self-made drums…

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…and we bought some very authentic souvenirs back from the trip.
We have some fascinating images of the Arctic,

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the Northern Lights and Litløy Island lighthouse in the middle of the night (where Sandra lived last winter and spring)

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… the snow-coated mountain view with reflected sunlight …

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..and the spring ice tunnels eroding the rivers.

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Are you surprised to see that polar chickens roam around the snow-laden hills?

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After the round-the-worldvvisit, the children asked Sandra how she feels durint the trips, how to dress when travelling to visit glaciers, what travellers have to eat and so on. They then drew their most favourite and most memorable travel moments: a ship, local people, polar bear, artic eagle, northern lights and underground ice rivers.
Leaping Toads and its pupils would like to thank Sandra for a wonderful and very enlightening trip for students around the world without leaving their classroom. More moments of the trop can be seen on Sandra’s blog.
We wish Sandra all success in the continuation of her plans to visit locations around the world to successfully implement her goals and we look forward to welcoming her back to share her impressions with us all once more.

We are also thankful for the annual global Lithuanian creative workshops “Migratory Birds” which have been collaborating with Sandra for several years.
Travel photography displayed above was fro the personal albums of Sandra Bogdanova and her fellow travellers: Sergej Lembke, Albina Griniūtė, Alina Mikolėnaitė, Miriam’s Ingrid, Galya Morrell and Igor Tolkachiov.
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