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  • Date: March 22, 2014

I’m sometimes unable to control myself or properly express my emotions
It’s difficult to make friends and stay friends;
I can’t always pick the right activity;
I’ve a lack of concentration, motivation or confidence
I’m a bit shy and can become irritable, hyperactive or restless

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These and similar descriptions are often applicable to children, large and small. Leaping Toads students participate in sessions for children and teenagers (3-6 years and 7-14 years) which apply the principals of art therapy.
Our teacher Alma Šlečkutė leads this socially responsible personal development initiative entitled “I am a creator”.
It is an authentic, purposeful curriculum whereby participants not only have an enjoyable time, but also promote and experience many positive emotions. Particular attention is paid to the philosophy of relationships, the values of perceptions and assimilation, the sensitivity towards oneself and others, identifying reason and purpose and assuming responsibility for their actions.

Art Therapy leaping Toads Mano Pirmieji Mokslai

Art therapy techniques are based on the assumption that each person, regardless of drawing capability has an innate (and hidden) ability of to express emotions, feelings, and states of mind with the corresponding colours and techniques.

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This program conducted at the Institute for Personality Development “Rafaelis” in Lithuania, where children and their families are very pleased with the results.

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At the 48th International Conference on Education entitled Inclusive Education: The Way of the Future (Geneva, 25-28 November 2008) the successful inclusive education practices of the personality development program “I am a creator” were presented by Marija Mendele Leliūgienė of the UNESCO Club “Rafaelis”.

This program is recognised as one of the most promising personality development programs in the world.

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For more information about art therapy and lesson times see our classes page and to register for this course call 07900106971.

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This week, our teacher Alma speaks about art therapy on our radio programme, “The Curious Frogs”. Tune in on Sunday at 6.05 pm, UK time. The show will be repeated on Tuesday 8.05 am and Wednesday late at night at 12.05 am (technically Thursday morning.)

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