Fashion classes at Leaping Toads, run by Aušra Urbanavičiūtė, one of Lithuania’s most talented fashion designers

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  • Date: July 16, 2013

Aušra Urbanavičiūtė is one of the most creative, talented and conceptual designers in Lithuania. Aušra’s designs have been featured on the catwalk at Mados Infekcija “Fashion Infection”, (the equivalent of London Fashion Week). The prominent annual 3-day fashion festival is held in Lithuania’s capital of Vilnius.
Aušra has joined Leaping Toads’ team to teach students about fashion design from first-hand experience. The phenomenon of fashion is not only to showcase well-dressed individuals, but also to monitor and understand the interest in the world around us.

During Aušra’s classes you will learn the history of fashion and apparel, explore modern fashion trends and learn to draw fashion sketches as well as design and implement the creation of garments on models using a variety of techniques, patterns and textiles.

Aušra says: “Even as a child I loved to sew dolls and mannequins and it inspired me to become a designer. I graduated from Vilnius College of Design in Fashion Design, then from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in Fashion, where I was studying Textile Design. Like many creators, I look for inspiration in nature, so for my final costume design piece I drew inspiration from patterns found in nature: from the zebra.”

Ausra 1

Aušra combines minimal, classic cuts with modern, conceptual details and materials to create modern classic pieces that are outstanding and desirable. After graduation, Aušra and her fashion colleague, Diana Kuzmickaite, won a fashion competition for young designers in Lithuania and participated in Mados Infekcija Fashion Infection where they showcased five different collections, below:

Ausra 2
Kolekcija Lezenfan, 2010

Ausra 3
Kolekcija “2012” 2011 metai

Ausra 4
Kolekcija Synestezia 2012

Ausra 5
Kolekcija 2012

Ausra 6

If you are interested in discovering more about fashion with Ausra, please come and join us.

To register for fashion design and for more information please call 07900106971 or email

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