Ministry of Education and Embassy of Lithuania visit Leaping Toads

On 9th November 2013, our school was visited by officials from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education’s International Department and Embassy of Lithuania in the United Kingdom.


Pictured from left to right: our teacher Auksė Tamašauskaitė, Lithuanian Embassy Minister-Counsellor and community affairs adviser Ms Gitana Kilinskaitė, Lithuanian Foreign Department specialist Mrs Daiva Žemgulienė, Head of Department Mrs Virginia Rinkevičienė, Leaping Toads Principal Mrs Simona Staputienė and our teacher Erika Aukštuolytė with our class for seven-year-olds.
The visitors discussed and viewed the school’s work and educational achievements in Lithuanian language and culture, interacted with the students and enquired about the challenges and goals of the school.
We are pleased that the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania is committed to supporting education to benefit the education of its children internationally.

On the 10th of November 2009, the government officials presented their positive findings of Leaping Toads School at the 8th Annual Teacher Training Seminar and encouraged friendship and cooperation between schools.

Leaping Toad’s Principal, Mrs Simona Staputiene also gave a seminar at the Lithuanian Embassy, where she shared best practices with the audience and discussed Leaping Toad’s work and experiences. Our teachers Erika, Aukse, Ausra also participated at the seminar.

Simona kalba 2013 mokytoju kvalifikacijos kelimo seminare(2)
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